Wolf Johnson

Wolf Johnson

New life
New person =better living


My Nipple Piercing Experience Video:

Forward to any of these specific questions if there is something you want to see:

Where did I get my nipples pierced/Who was my piercer? 00:09

Piercing Prices: 00:30

How long do you plan to keep your piercings? 1:36

Advice: 2:36

My experience: 5:54

Piercing Care: 11:05

XXX: 16:00

When can you change the ring? When is it healed? 17:03

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I’m in love with this. Need this relationship.

awww the cuteness

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African American Proverb: one who is attempting to insert their opinion into a conversation without fully knowing what is being discussed

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You all up in the Kool-Aid, and don’t know the flavor
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