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Gender, Sex, Biology & Trans Women

Many of us understand sex and gender as categorically separate when envisioning trans women. How do we enforce transmisogyny through biological essentialist views of what we define as “sex” when imagining trans women? This storify examines how we enforce physical & ontological gender violence through non-consensual cisnormative separations of sex and gender. Sex is very much a gendered concept with its own colonial and violent baggage.

Note: This is a partial storify. Read the full version here


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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult



Resident Barber Nimo gave his nephew a fresh cut this week.  I always find it interesting to watch.

Cape Coast, Ghana

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Have you ever wondered about the sexuality of men who sleep with or date transsexual women?

Here’s a video explaining it all! 

Kat is so cuuuuute! :D


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